TYROS Σαντορίνη | Επιλεγμένα Ελληνικά Προϊόντα, Καφέ - Delicatessen, τυριά, αλλαντικά, ζυμαρικά

Tyros is an all-day delicatessen and café on the road of Fira- Pyrgos in Santorini. You will discover a collection of selected Greek products, like delicate cheeses from Ithaka, pasta, chutneys and sauces, herbs, sweet treats, super food delights and a wide variety of wines and spirits from Santorini and all-around Greece.

You can also enjoy freshly brewed coffee, refreshing juices and snack proposals prepared with the finest fresh and local ingredients, to flavour your day with delicate aromas and scrumptious bites and take with you the finest and most delicious products of Greek gastronomy.

Instagram: @tyros.deli.cafe
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Ευθεία Φηρών Πύργου, (Μεσσαριά) Θήρας | Τ.Κ. 84700, ΚΥΚΛΑΔΕΣ.
Τ. +30.2286023985, E-Mail: info@tyros.gr